Community and social

Starting with version v.0.0.133:00017 you can communicate with other members of our community, using the internal chat room. Through our community you will be able to learn news about future plans, send feedback to us, participate in community discussions, learn more, get help and above all share your thoughts and help others.

However, we discourage anti-social behavior. The following rules apply to posting messages:

  • Do not act violently or harm other players physically or psychologically
  • Do not praise violent, criminal or terrorist actions, behavior or perpetrators
  • Do not insult or threaten other players or use improper language
  • Do not use the chat room for spamming or sending repetitive messages
  • Do not advertise or send advertising links or content
  • Do not express discriminative behavior on origin, race, religion, political views, gender, age or disabilities
  • Do not engage in any exchange of goods or services whether monetary or non-monetary
  • Do not disclose your personal details like names, addresses, phone numbers, e-mails etc to other players
  • Do not disclose personal details of other players in the chat room
  • Do not disclose any kind of confidential information regarding states, companies or individuals using the chat room
  • Do not post copyright-infringing material
  • Do not use the chat room if you don't play actively
  • Do not post information irrelevant to the game's scope
  • Do not report users without a good reason
  • You must always post messages in English, we are an international community and whatever you want to share, you should share with everybody

As soon as you observe bad behavior, you should report the abusive person immediately, by posting a message like 'report @[username] [date] - [description]'. Breaking the above rules, results in banning the perpetrating user. Currently, ban is permanent and irreversible. We preserve the right to edit or delete a violating post, without prior warning. However, not all reports may result to banning a user. Just try to be fair with others. Normally, displaying a professional code of conduct is considered to be appropriate.