Upgrading @Business

It’s time to review your options which improve your company to operate more efficiently and effectively. By selecting the “Upgrade” tab, you will be presented with all available assets and functions along with their level of expansion. Every new company begins with expansion level 1 of all assets and functions.

Assets are your company's possessions. I order to produce your product you need to have a factory facility. In your factory, you will accommodate machinery, tools and other production equipment as well as your production personnel.

You will also need to locate your administrative staff, therefore you'll also need some office space. Then you will need to build your distribution system and your transportation means. Finally, you may need to build or buy some software in order to organize and automate your business processes.

All assets can be upgraded. Each upgrade level provides with additional benefits, like increasing production capacity, improving operating efficiencies or just be required in order to provide with the necessary space to accommodate employees. Though, in order to upgrade assets you must invest capital and you'll also have some future maintenance and depreciation expenses associated with this investment. Find out more detail about an individual asset or function by hovering your mouse on it.

Functions are your company's organization in departments. Upgrading functions gives you further benefits like cost and expense reductions due to better organization and also support production with back-office capacity. However, upgrading functions means hiring more people, paying more for utilities and consumables, in other words function upgrades incur further costs.

Asset and function upgrades need some time to get ready, which means that a new expansion level is not made immediately available upon request. Instead it is added to the “Upgrade Queue” list at the bottom of the page.

Upgrading Assets/Functions

Asset and Function upgrades are requested by pressing the "+" button of the corresponding asset or function. A requested expansion is not immediately available, instead it is added to the upgrade queue list, until the round it is finally delivered in operation.

The corresponding “-” button, when available, provides with the option to reverse the upgrade. Both buttons take action depending on the current status of the asset or function in the upgrade queue.

For example if an expansion is in the queue, and it was requested before the end of the current round, the “-“ button cancels the request and the former request will be removed from the upgrade queue. However, if the expansion is in the queue from a previous round, the “-“ button cannot cancel the request. Instead it will change the status to “Stopping upgrade”, which means that the expansion will get stopped and be removed from the upgrade queue on the next round.

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