Reports @Business

Each choice you make, affects financial figures of your company. The basic financial statements are the “Balance sheet”, the “Income statement” and the “Cash flow statement”.

All above reports are displayed in three columns. The middle column displays the latest round closed, and the first column displays the round before that for comparison. The last column holds the forecasted close of the current round and the numbers are subject to the decisions made. Changing decisions impact the forecasted performance.

Generally, you will be able to see the effects of your actions in the forecast reports immediately after making a change. Therefore, you have to right what-if tool for figuring your strategy. Consider the following:

The decisions you make in the “Upgrade” tab, immediately affect your balance sheet and cash flow statements. A queued upgrade can be seen in the forecast column of the cash flow statement as “Cash invested to fixed assets”. Likewise the effect of all completed levels of fixed assets, can be seen on the balance sheet in the fixed assets section. They will also increase the depreciation expense on the income statement, which is spread among many lines of various expenses.

As far as the sales options (volumes and prices) are concerned, you will not be able to see the effects from actual sales until the current game round closes. At that time, market share is calculated by the system and the exact figure of your revenue is determined. Until then, the “Sales forecast” figure in the “Production” tab will drive the forecasted revenue.

Similarly, you can play around with the different decisions and view the immediate effect on your financial statements forecast, so that you familiarize yourself with the dynamics of your decisions.

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