Questions & Answers

What is the purpose of this game?

The purpose of this game is to increase your virtual wealth, by increasing your companies’ value. Initially, you start with just one company. You have to grow this company wisely in order to increase its value and extract cash to invest in founding new companies. Though you have to bear in mind that unwise decisions may decrease a company’s value along the way.

What is a game round?

@Business evolves with time, so that each action or decision you take today, impacts the future performance of your company. Therefore, when the current round closes, the system calculates the results of your actions and your actions can no longer be changed or undone. The resulting performance is locked and recorded as history and you can take further actions related only to the currently open round, until the next round closing event.

What is the frequency of closing rounds?

Currently, one round closes every single day. The exact hour that the round calculations begin is 5:55 am UCT each day. During this process users cannot make any changes.

What happens if I miss a couple of rounds?

Normally, you should logon at least once per round (-i.e. per day). During each session, you’ll have to adjust your production level according to your performance and your views of the market. If you don’t, production level at round close drops to a fraction of your latest capacity. Therefore, if you miss one or more rounds your company may eventually default.

What happens if I become inactive for a long period?

After a period of inactivity, you will lose control on your companies. Currently this period is set to 28 rounds. Should you decide to continue, you will need to start over again.

Why there is only one industry choice on the 'Create Company' form?

To create a new company, your available cash must exceed the initial investment needed for startup assets. Therefore, industries are filtered out of choice, as long as the available user cash is inadequate for the particular industries. Currently there are only two industries supported: ‘Livestock’ (initial investment is 20,000) and ‘Food & Beverage’ (initial investment is 60,000). More options will be available to choose from in the future. To increase user cash for using in new investments, create a healthy business, so that dividends can be extracted from it.

What is a company default?

In order to operate, a company needs cash. Though, cash is not always made available at the time of product delivery to customers. Therefore, a company needs to borrow money from banks in order to maintain its level of operations. Bank loans do not come for free, as banks demand interest in return. Interest levels, among other factors, depend on your company’s health exhibited by your rating (A1 being the best and D the worst). The healthier your company is, the lower the interest charged by the banks. However, when your company’s financial health is compromised, banks are reluctant to lend for the long term and interest charges for the short term are very high. In such cases your company’s rating gets to D.

Is it possible to turnaround from default?

It may be possible to turnaround a defaulted company, as soon as you adjust your operations so that your earnings-before-interest-and-taxes (EBIT) becomes positive and take action to decrease interest expense at the same time. However, actions should not take long as a point of no return may be reached quickly. To reduce bank interest charges, you might increase the company’s capital using user’s cash or user’s premium (as soon as the paid version of the game becomes available). However, even after a turnaround, the company’s valuation will still suffer.

What happens when turnaround becomes impossible?

Usually, turnaround becomes impossible when in addition to the D rating, equity becomes negative. Currently, a company may still be operating with negative equity, for 5 consecutive rounds. After this duration the bankrupt company will be out of your control, meaning that you will no longer own the company. The company will be out of competition and the owner will be charged for an obligation equal to the latest (negative) equity value. This obligation will be paid-back by the owner’s cash if available, or as soon as dividends are requested by other owned companies. However, if the owner had only a single company which defaulted, the owner will be returned the seed capital to start over again and no obligation will be recorded.

How can I report a user for violating chatting rules?

Post a message in the chat room like this: ‘report @[username] [date] – [description]’. In the description you may indicate the rule that was broken, or what makes you believe you have encountered a violation.